David Eghbali Time Management Skills Part 2

Time Management Skills by David Eghbali – Part Two

David Eghbali outlined key time management tips and tools for optimizing my seconds, minutes and hours.I was happy with the elucidation of the top time management skills by David Eghbali. He really helped me get a firm grasp of what I needed to concentrate on, but what tools were available to help me save time? No man is an island and I wanted to turn these ideas into coherent action.

David Eghbali Time Management Skills Part 1

Time Management Skills by David Eghbali – Part One

David Eghbali helped me understand how corporate leaders needed to develop high level time management skills to deliver the best returns for their organizations. Time rests for no man. Time is one of those concepts that are very difficult to fully understand. The entire world runs on the same clocks, but the most productive men are able to use their time more efficiently.

Financial Statements - Part Two

Understanding Financial Statements by David Eghbali - Part Two

David Eghbali was patient with me and explained everything in simple terms, I could understand. He gave me solid advice - he knows what he is talking about. With his knowledge, I could shed my fears and gain the courage to build up my financial portfolio. Initially, I had simply invested based on brand name recognition. Now, I could concentrate on diversifying my portfolio.

Business Strategies - Part Two

David Eghbali Negotiation Strategies and Techniques - Part Two

If you've read some of David Eghbali's negotiation material, you know to always remember your reservation price. David advises that a reservation price is the price point at which he's indifferent to taking a deal or leaving it behind. If your negotiations aren't getting anywhere, it's nice to know you can walk away because you've got alternatives. Keep these negotiation strategies in mind as we learn more about how to become a skilled business negotiator.

Estate Planning - Part Two

Estate Planning by David Eghbali - Part Two

David Eghbali is a finance expert that suggests you take the time to think through your portfolio. What you might not think is important now, can get messy with the courts, government and family very fast. Having a clear direction on what is being distributed to whom not only mitigates fighting within a family but allows the courts to define what goes where and who gets what. By reviewing this article the hope and goal is to best inform you and define what types of assets you may have and better help guide you to making the best decisions between you, your family and your professional advisor.

Estate Planning - Part One

Estate Planning by David Eghbali - Part One

This is a two-part series of articles that will address different aspects of estate planning and explain what you can do to prepare yourself. People tend to come out of the woodwork to stake a claim after someone dies. Do not let this happen to your family. A well-done estate plan is the only way to exercise control over matters once you are gone. It is your last decree on who you want to take possession of all that you own.