Essential Customer Service Skills by David Eghbali - Part One

Essential Customer Service Skills by David Eghbali - Part One

There is no doubt that great customer service is the foundation of a successful and fruitful business. People are not machines; they want someone with a pulse, they want to be cared for and they want someone who is competent to take care of them. They want results, they want them quickly and they want them to work in their favor. These things are only accomplished with a great customer service team at the core of each institution.

What makes a great customer service representative? What skills does a "Class A" customer service representative embody and practice that others seem to look over? Here are a handful of skills that David Eghbali believes are essential to great customer service. 


You are going to work with some annoying customers. There is no doubt about that. You will work some unruly and unsettling people; you will also work with some really great ones. Maintaining and practicing patience is one of the most important characteristics of good service. It is important and essential to remain calm, composed and maintains an era of professionalism at all times. You are the expert and you are also liable for anything you do and everything you say as a reaction to the actions of your customers. 

According to an article written for NewVoice at least 58% of people who have a negative customer service experience will not return. Fortunately, a lot of these problems can be averted and avoided if you learn how to control your emotions and keep your cool. 


Pay attention. Your customers are always telling you things with more than just their comments. Listen to their body language, observe their actions, hear their words and respond to them in an appropriate manner. Let them know that you’re giving them your full attention like you would want from them. It works both ways and when it does the rewards are the greatest, says David Eghbali, for both parties involved. 


One of the most often overlooked qualities of a great customer service representative is their pride for the business they are working for and the products that they are selling. Having a passion for what you are doing and who you are working for will not only help you to connect with customers but it will also help the business grow and expand. Part of instilling pride into employees is the effort and job of the company; however, you can always choose which line of employment you decide to place yourself in.


Customers want to speak with someone who is confident and competent in answering their questions. You are the profession and you are expected to know a great deal about the products you are working with. Know your products and have a few fun facts on hand that you throw in their for an interesting added effect. 


Positivity. This is a quality that David Eghbali stresses over and over again. The power of positivity is incredible and it has the potential to not only transform you but also the people you are working with, the environment you are working in and the people who enter the place you are in. Try to maintain a positive attitude in the public eye and remain positive. Smile, make eye contact and greet the customers as they enter the store. 


Part of customer service is persuasion, says David Eghbali. How else do you sell products? Whether you’re working to sell a product or service, you have to be able to convince your listener that your product is worth buying into. What does your product offer that other products do not? Why should someone choose your product over your competitors? These are all questions that you should be ready and able to answer. 


An essential part of customer service is maintaining you as a professional. This could mean keeping your personal life separate from your work life and watching what you say, monitoring your conversations and even changing some of your language.

David Eghbali