Marketing Strategies by David Eghbali - Part One

Marketing Strategies by David Eghbali - Part One

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When asked about his thoughts on how to effectively grow a business, David Eghbali pointed to information as one of the most significant contributory factors to business success. Today, the success of a business is no longer dependent on capital and efficiency only. Effective communications should be the primary focus, and marketing offers the best way of communicating with your target market regardless of whether you are introducing or promoting a product. Developing a marketing strategy is, therefore, a necessity for all businesses when it comes to ensuring growth. An innovative and properly executed marketing strategy will always attract the target audience to your product, helping you to maximize profitability and achieve business sustainability. 

It is important that companies develop and execute their own creative and applicable marketing strategies to remain relevant and in business, especially if the competitiveness of the modern world is taken into consideration. To effectively apply a marketing strategy, David Eghbali recommends that one should start by gaining some basic knowledge about different types of approaches, the choice and effectiveness of which depend on a number of factors including location, target audience, and product. As such, David Eghbali highlights ten different types of marketing strategies that have made businesses successful, every single one of which you can emulate to be successful too. 

#Direct Marketing

Direct marketing means the techniques companies employ to communicate directly with their consumers such as postcards, e-mails, letters, flyers, texts, and other promotional material. And as David Eghbali pinpoints, although the direct marketing strategy is one of the oldest, this form of marketing is still useful as an introductory and promotional medium and widely applied the world over. 

#Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing, businesses engage and connect with their potential clients through content materials that the target audience finds useful. Today, inbound marketing involves using a variety of platforms such as blog sites and social networking. 

#Digital Marketing

As explained by David Eghbali, digital marketing includes the use of a variety of digital media such as digital billboards, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to inform the target audience about the goods or services a particular company offers. In the contemporary world of business, internet marketing is arguably the primary and most applicable element when it comes to the digital marketing strategy.

#Database Marketing

David Eghbali considers database marketing, which is a form of direct marketing, as one of the most precise promotional approaches. In this type of strategy, a company uses the databases of potential consumers to create and establish customized modes of communication through a medium with the sole purpose of introducing and promoting the services and products offered by that particular business in the market.

#Social Media Marketing

At present, social media marketing provides the most result oriented and straightforward way of introducing and promoting any business, especially since a significant percentage of people likes and uses several of the different social media platforms available such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Tumblr. As such, these sites are ideal for social media marketing, offering not only a quick way to reach a considerably massive audience, but also a way of enhancing company sales. According to David Eghbali, the only potential downside to social media marketing is the fact that one cannot really focus on or target a specific audience, which he adds is not necessarily bad, depending of course on the product or service on offer.

#Search Marketing

The primary goal of the search marketing strategy, commonly referred to as search engine marketing (SEM), is to promote online sites by improving their visibility and rankings on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Today, business communication depends on the internet a lot. As such, search marketing is of considerable importance to the success of most businesses. When it comes to the search marketing approach, use of both paid and unpaid tools and tactics is necessary to improve visibility on search engines, as well as the sales and growth of a company.

#Diversity Marketing

When it comes to diversity marketing, focus is mainly on the cultural, social, economic, racial, and religious differences that can potentially affect the operations, profitability, and growth of businesses. These differences result in varying customer expectations, values, beliefs, tastes, needs, and experiences. As highlighted by David Eghbali, companies can utilize each of these factors to develop a customized marketing approach that targets relevant consumers in an efficient manner.

#Content Marketing

According to David Eghbali, employing the content marketing strategy to develop creative and entirely unique content, which a business can then publish to a variety of platforms informing the target audience about products or services, makes for a viable and result oriented approach. As such, Content marketing is a strategy that businesses can use to improve sales.

#Viral Marketing

This type of marketing refers to using videos in the promotion of products or services. Today, an online video is simply the most powerful digital tool currently available. As such, the use of videos offers one of the most helpful ways of spreading messages over the internet. 

#Call to Action Marketing

This type of marketing approach is actually a part of the inbound marketing strategy and typically involves the use of text, banners, and graphic advertisements containing a strong call to action message. As a marketing strategy, call to action prompts website visitors to click on the message, after which they are redirected to the sale conversion funnel.

In Conclusion

Looking at the different marketing strategies highlighted by David Eghbali, it becomes apparent that most successful businesses incorporate several of these marketing approaches. Using an intuitive creativity to combine several strategies and come up with a unique mode of communication has proven useful to companies across the board. With the drive to succeed, effective communication is key to the profitability and growth of businesses.

During the break, I wondered if it was possible to put into effect the marketing strategies highlighted by David Eghbali without attaining formal education directly related to these approaches. Fortunately, the answer is “yes.” Regardless of formal education, any business-minded individual can implement one or a combination of the marketing strategies mentioned.

David Eghbali