Adding Value to Your Business - Part One

Adding Value to Your Business - Part One

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Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. David Eghbali knows it’s important to always add value to your offerings, and advises all business owners to excel in adding value, but that value can differ depending on the business and industry. Ultimately, added value is determined by the people who get something out of it. In fact, value is so subjective that some experts, like Simon Tupman, thinks you should ask your clients before, during, and after a project how you provided value. That's because even providing a higher quality product or service cannot be seen as “adding value” if your customers don’t see the value in it. It has to meet their needs and go above and beyond their expectations. To understand what adding value to your business means, look at how other people perceive value, particularly for a company or business, in the following manners.

If you’re like me, when you go do your shopping, whether it be groceries or electronics, you have some brands you trust and rely on more than others. They may cost more, but they consistently deliver enough added value that the price is worth it. names the strength of your brand as the first thing to consider when adding values to your business. Even if you are a financial expert, like David Eghbali, he knows that his name is his brand and he has to deliver a recognizable, high, value to keep his brand strong. That’s why people come back to him again and again.

Companies that know how to add value to their corporate offerings start by communicating core beliefs that they uphold. For instance, David Eghbali believes that in order to provide added value in resolving complex problems, he will never take ‘no’ for an answer. This belief puts him head and shoulders above the competition that may quit when things don’t go as planned.

Businesses that create a network of close relationships are better trusted and gain more business through referrals. Those relationships also help to provide a wider range for client offerings by partnering with businesses and professionals, thus adding value. David Eghbali knows that when he partners with mortgage lenders and real estate agents, he can provide the best service to get even tough deals worked out smoothly. 

A company that is willing to take feedback and really listens to its customers is one that will improve every year. They will also look at current trends and research issues that their customers need to be up-to-date on even before they’re approached because they know its important to their audience. David Eghbali really listens to his customers needs so he can provide expert knowledge that they require that they might not even know they need.

A reputation that is stellar is as good as gold in the bank or adding value to your brand. It also removes distrust for new customers and provides you with instant name recognition, in a positive way. David Eghbali know how important it is to maintain a stellar reputation.

David Eghbali has numerous testimonials from that detail exactly the type of proven performance that impresses his clients on a day-to-day basis. It’s not just about closing large deals, it’s also about exhibiting top performance through every negotiation that takes place during the hard work to finalize a deal. 

#CreativeSolutions labels creative as the "most precious commodity" in business. Some situations are not standard and then customers need "unstandard" advice. However, in order to give that type of advice, that person needs to be an expert and know what the ins and outs are in their industry. Expert, David Eghbali, can provide a creative solution to help bypass hurdles and finalize the deal. 

When a company values customer service, it’s noticeable. Customers will be surveyed for feedback and transactions with go smoothly. If something does hit a snag, it is resolved quickly and efficiently. This is the type of service excellence that Davide Eghbali chooses to exemplify with his clients on a day to day basis.

To review how David Eghbali defines “added value,” it’s always about giving customers what they want and need. His customers know what his core beliefs are and associate it with his brand. With a record of proven performance and service excellence, he can provide the creative solutions they’re looking for in their lives. He knows his audience enough to provide counsel on trends within his industry and creates relationships to help resolve financing dilemmas that may stop others. That’s why he’s developed a stellar reputation in the bargain.

Can’t think of core values that might be relevant to your business model? Check out Part II where I go more in depth into what types of services add value in most businesses so you can tailor it to your business approach for maximum benefit.

David Eghbali